INMOTION R1EX, a compact, agile and bright Segway

1,390.00 455.00

  • Electrical cleaning
  • Maximum speed: 15 km / h. Mileage 16 – 30 km
  • Maximum angle of 15 °
  • Supports weight of 25 – 100 kg
  • 72 V Lithium Battery, Charging 3.5 H
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A new mode of urban transport

The DAIBUC SCV is a smart electric vehicle with self-balancing sensor. With its instinctive operation and thrilling driving experience, DAIBUC SCV offers you a whole new way of urban transport and tourism.

Innovative technology

The DAIBUC SCV uses the latest innovations in self-balancing technology to expertly respond to your body’s movements, ensuring you always stay perfectly balanced.

Sensor Fusion Technology Blur Control Technology Field Control

Technology (FOC)

Great Powertrain

DAIBUC’s electric powertrain delivers breathtaking performance. Designed for a spontaneous driving experience, the DAIBUC SCV gives you a feeling of power, speed and absolute control. Thanks to the high power motors, the acceleration and deceleration of the DAIBUC SCV are fluid and instantaneous.

Agility and elegance

DAIBUC SCV is the smallest and most skilled sensor-driven vehicle on the market. With a weight of 16 kg and a footprint, it extends your life to many miles beyond your home, while allowing you to navigate with precision in a busy crowd.

Easy operation

The DAIBUC SCV is incredibly easy to use – most people learn to fly it in less than ten minutes.

Green spirit. Intense driving.

DAIBUC SCV is ecological and energy efficient. The 100% electric DAIBUC SCV, an emission-free vehicle for urban travel and touring, efficiently transforms kinetic energy into electrical energy at each descent.

User-friendly operation

In App mode, the DAIBUC SCV can switch automatically: balance mode in driving mode, remote control mode when disembarking, assistance mode on. Switch freely between modes with ease.

Inspiring design.

Inspiring design.

DAIBUC SCV offers a skill and agility that will exceed your imagination.