Transport and delivery

Shipping by carrier

The shipment of bulky products is done by a carrier. If this has not been agreed otherwise, the delivery is made to the edge of the sidewalk, as the carriers usually do. The carrier contacts the customer by e-mail or phone to set a delivery date. Disposal of packaging and pallets is the responsibility of the customer.

You can contact our customer service all your delivery options.

Delivery delay

The delivery time of the articles varies between 2 to 5 working days. If you order multiple items with different delivery times, we only ship the total order when all products are ready for delivery, as long as the delivery time is reasonable. Otherwise, the items already available will be shipped first, at our expense.

We distinguish between two indications:

“In stock”

Item is available and can be shipped within 48 hours. The delivery of small goods in France is carried out between 1 and 5 working days, the special merchandise by carrier between 3 and 6 working days.

Transportation damages and claims

Your order has been carefully packaged by us and its impeccable condition has been verified prior to shipment. Nevertheless, and in some cases, damage can occur during transport. Therefore, we ask you to check carefully, immediately upon delivery, that the contents of the delivery are complete, and free from any damage.

What to do in case of transport damage?

If despite all the care taken, a damage occurs during the transport, we recommend you not to accept the goods or to express reservations when signing the delivery note.

So that we can send you quickly a replacement item impeccable, please report the loss as soon as possible in writing, if possible within 4 days, from the deliveryman and from our customer service. We have the opportunity to ask the driver for compensation for damages within 4 days. Therefore, please cooperate.

What if you accepted the goods despite our recommendations and that it is damaged?

In this case, please send us e-mail digital photos of the damage, indicating the number of the invoice, so that we can make a declaration of loss in due form with our insurer. At the same time, we organize with you the return of the merchandise and we make sure that you can quickly receive a replacement.

The information mentioned above does not in any way limit your warranty rights, but only represents a request for cooperation in case of damage.